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Report from the Risk Team - Panel Discussion

Report from the Risk Team - Panel Discussion

Tina.Freed / 12 May 2017

We had a great E2W Risk Team meeting on Wednesday (10 May) focussed on the 3 lines of defence model.  Interesting discussion on  the issues of reward, what success looks like, how we embed a risk culture and ‘ownership’, and the cultural shift required.  The team agreed that the biggest change to Risk will be automation and this will bring about a change of skills required for risk practitioners e.g. digital.  

A really exciting outcome is that the next meeting will be a career panel to share ideas and consider risk training requirements and knowledge gaps. This will be open to all risk practitioners and E2W members who will be encouraged to bring colleagues.  

Many thanks go to Heather-Anne Hubbell for hosting and to those that contributed to the lively discussion including Fiona Grandison, Tara Foley, Sarah-Jane McFarlane and Jo Paisley.   Thanks also to our guests  Freyan Panthaki and Olga Venosa – and for becoming members post the event.

E2W operate a number of business focussed groups to help and support our members in their careers, facilitate networking and enable collaboration.  Other focus groups include – Technology. Regulation / Compliance and Operations.  For more information on these groups and membership please contact

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