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Quick fire Q&A with friend of E2W Lucy Snowball

Quick fire Q&A with friend of E2W Lucy Snowball

Katie.Dix / 14 Jun 2019

We know that the E2W members are not one dimensional City working machines, but that they have lives outside of work, hobbies and top tips that they want to share. Our 'quick fire questions with...' has some serious questions about working in financial services and more fun ones so that we can demonstrate the many dimensions of a senior woman in finance. 

1. What makes our mission meaningful to you?

Having a voice in the industry from people who truly believe in equality, who have our backs and allow us a seat at the table is so important.  We are all familiar with the underlying reasons why having women’s voices heard is of utmost important - diversity of thought, diversity of leadership, additional revenue – but until certain people can see this for themselves, they aren’t able to understand it. Only by having our voices heard, understood, recognised and not dismissed will we be able to prove our worth and deliver on this – and having teams like E2W who are fully bought into this is hugely encouraging.

2. Biggest achievement?

Completed the London Marathon in 3.07 (a little while ago now so don’t ask me to repeat that any time soon…)

3. Do you have a phobia? 

Balloons – could never take one home after a party as a kid

4. Best career advice you’ve received?

Feedback is a gift – receive it as such, and use it as such

5. Best gift you’ve received?

Sylvanian Mansion when I was 6 years old, from Santa.  Still the most excited I’ve ever been about a present

6. Stay out late with the team or get to bed early? 

Although I love sleep and my bed is my favourite place in the world and I’m normally asleep by 9:15pm….. I would definitely stay out late with the team – my self-restraint is not so great when it comes to a night and I would have FOMO

7. Work on the commute or catch up on TV? 

Work – although I just moved house so now I walk to work instead of an hour each way, and I no longer have time to read the FT before I get to my desk – I need to find  decent podcast that can get me up to speed in 15 mins (any suggestions?!)

8. Tell us about your very first job in the finance industry? 

I started on the Graduate scheme at Deloitte in their tax division.  They have an amazing investment in their staff – development, training, progression, opportunities – I was very lucky indeed to have such a great start to my professional career.  I spent my days working through expat tax returns and helping globally mobile people manage their tax affairs.  Go to a party, say you work in tax and everyone switches off - but when it comes to how to pay less tax, people are suddenly very interested in your job. I had the opportunity to train in both UK and US tax working with a truly global team on several huge clients which has stood me in good stead in my financial career

9. Holiday destination? 

Caribbean – I have been hugely lucky enough to visit a few of the islands over the years and would love to explore more of them.  Amazing food, scenery, climate, people – it is so chilled out that it is paradise, plus the rum is rather moreish

10. Best way to unwind? 

A decent bottle of red wine with good friends = laughter and happiness

11. When you retire, what would you like to be remembered for? 

Pushing boundaries, changing perceptions and proving naysayers wrong but all for the right reasons = just being good at what I do

If you would like to contribute to our 'quick fire questions with...' please get in touch with Katie

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