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Amanda, Becky, Caroline, Denise, Elisa and Fran are on career breaks. How could they help you?

Amanda, Becky, Caroline, Denise, Elisa and Fran are on career breaks. How could they help you?

Mark.Freed / 02 Feb 2019

If you have any small projects (1-10 people) that can be delivered semi-remotely and are keen to deliver well, under budget, on time and with superb outcomes then give Amanda, Becky and the rest of the E2W community an opportunity.    

This is Amanda:

After leaving Cambridge she started her career as a graduate at J.P Morgan, quickly securing an Associate role in Derivatives Middle Office. After 4 years, a career move to Goldman Sachs saw another promotion to Executive Director. 

She reluctantly left Goldman Sachs to give her children some more of her time. She is a member of the E2W community and has been supported by them through the lifecycle of her career. She intends to return to the city in a few years, but for the time being is content to continue her career in a different way: by helping E2W clients with the various project and BAU work that city institutions outsource to E2W.

She has completed research projects, supported a KYC remediation and a MiFID project for E2W clients. She also puts her hand to helping E2W's institutional clients recruit more women via our talent solutions business. 

She likes working for E2W because they operate flexible hours from their offices close to her home, where she enjoys working with other women with similar backgrounds and aspirations. When the need arises and the client project permits, she can work from home. She enjoys going back in to the city and spending time with her clients. 

Amanda is, for the time being, continuing her career with E2W. Amanda gets this win because she helps E2W clients win.  Amanda is 80% likely to return to the city in 5 years time - with up to date skills and experience.

How could Amanda, Becky, Caroline, Denise, Elise or Fran help you?

By engaging with E2W to undertake projects, clients receive a massive cost benefit over doing the work in house or via contractors/consultants, and outcomes are improved upon because of Amanda's knowledge of the industry. Talking of the industry, they benefit by helping maintain the talent pool of skilled and experience women. 

If you would like to know more please contact

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