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Tina.Freed / 03 Sep 2015

A couple of questions for you…
1. Are you a Mum with children at school?
2. Do you have experience in the financial markets but have been out of work for a few years?
3. Do you feel the urge to reengage your numeric / social skills again without sacrificing family time?
4. Would you enjoy mixing with a group of like-minded ladies during school hours?
5. Do you live in the Kent area?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions and want the power to change where you are right now, then this post is for you!
Break out of your zone and seek out the inner you – what’s stopping you? I understand why – Security.
Once you realise that nothing of any positive benefit lives within your comfort zone, you will start to challenge your beliefs and mindset and in turn, your daily habits will change. When you face your fears head on, you can destroy every life-limiting belief that has ever held you back and stopped you moving on. Anyone who has ever conquered a fear understands that it’s not easy. But it’s not supposed to be! If it was, then we wouldn’t have great leaders, sporting legends and pioneering inventors for it was in their struggle to achieve greatness that they secured their place in history.
So if you feel the urge to get back on the horse again and kick monotony to one side but lack the direction or confidence I can show you how and why it isn’t as scary as you may think!
Break free of your comfort zone and unlock the energy in you!!

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