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E2W - Membership

E2W - Membership

Tina.Freed / 04 Jan 2018

E2W membership is open to women in financial services.  Our aim is to help you succeed in your career aspirations, whatever they may be.  We have built a growing, supportive community where women can learn from, and be motivated by, each other.  Together, with the tangible benefits of newsletters and events, we provide you with the opportunity to gain knowledge, network with peers and gain professional development throughout all stages of your career. 

Read what our members are saying:

"I like the talks and networking which are opening up to different streams and topics. It brings people together to meet and talk. E2W are spearheading recruitment activities, particularly for women. I enjoy the articles talking about professional women's issues, and Mark's talks, visibly pushing the agenda."  Cosette Reczek, Executive Leader & Management Consultant

The Brains Behind Leadership Workshop
“The real power of this session for me was the dual realisation that you can “be emotional” and still be a great leader, and that I’m clearly not the only woman struggling with this.  But the absolute highlight of the evening for me was sitting at a table full of senior financial services professionals, who happen to be women.” Monica Summerville, FinTech Analyst and Head of European Research.

Regulation Business Team
“I joined E2W in September to attend a MiFID II event. This is how I discovered this great support network. The E2W team has helped me with my career change but the main attraction for me was to attend the events. I am initially coming from a Front Office background (16 years) but as I am looking to change career, I was keen to attend all Compliance and Risks events to keep current on the different regulations and changes in the industry.   The events were not only very insightful and informative from a content point of view (companies/industry) but also was a great way to network and get to know senior women and field leaders in the areas I am interested in. Hearing about their experiences on the topic of discussion or other subjects was fascinating. I was also lucky to participate to the first Front Office event where I met some energetic like-minded ladies who I am still regularly in touch with now. I am looking forward to attending the next events in January.” Gaelle Lebray, Financial Regulatory Business Specialist (MiFID II and GDPR)

Risk Business Team
“I think the value I’ve found in the events is in sharing experiences with other women in the industry and realising that you’re not alone, that the challenges you face are not unique and that the group can provide support in overcoming those challenges. The active participation of members makes the events valuable and interesting and I look forward to attending more events next year.  I also found the opportunity to sit as part of a panel debate a good development opportunity for me personally.”  Emma Jameson, Head of Model Risk Management

Risk Business Team
“I really enjoy being a member of E2W because it connects me with likeminded individuals and gives me an opportunity to meet other women in financial services.  The team events are great because they offer interesting insights and a good chance to meet up in person and talk about relevant issues in a relaxed setting.” Heather-Anne Hubbell, Transformation & Governance Specialist, Interim Executive & Strategic Advisor

Technology Business Team
"I experienced for myself the opportunities that E2W events give to individuals. They allow the audience to learn and discuss new topics, in a small and intimate surrounding, and provide a social environment to get to know other likeminded people, in an area of interest to them. I have always had a keen interest in helping and promoting women in technology and finance, so I was inspired with the help of E2W to promote a subject which is fast becoming common place within our industry, the advance use of Data and Analytics. My aim is that the audience will walk away knowing a bit more about the subject, its impact to our industry and what other people think about it. I also hope to have a few panel speakers with me for the evening, telling their stories and giving their personal and different views on the subject."  Helen Bevis, Director, Head of Pre-Sales EMEA

How you benefit:
You can fully benefit from your membership by engaging with: 

  • Business teams:  Align yourself with one of our business sub-groups relevant to you, a place to learn and discuss with others in your area of expertise. The groups are: Front Office, Risk, Regulation & Business Change, Technology, and Gender & Diversity. 
  • Networking:  We aim to foster a community of professionals who can benefit from one another’s experiences. Our network enables members to share knowledge and address challenges in a trusted environment. 
  • Articulating your value:  We support you in your career aspirations and development via leadership events.  Together, this ensures that you and your CV reflect you, your brand and your value. 
  • Job opportunities:  Benefit from unique career opportunities in firms that recognise the value of a balanced workplace. We offer guidance and advice along the way to ensure you approach your career move with confidence.  
  • Coaching: We offer coaching aimed at developing your talents and talk to you to ensure you identify which package would benefit you most.  The packages include: Develop Your Professional Brand; Career Change; Returning to Work; Situational Coaching; Preparing for Leadership; Executive and Senior Leaders Coaching. 

To join, please click here or call for a conversation on +44 (0)208 078 2100.

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