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E2W Coaching Partner Kat Hutchings - Stepping up your leadership in 2021

E2W Coaching Partner Kat Hutchings - Stepping up your leadership in 2021

Tina.Freed / 17 Feb 2021


Kat is a Career Coach who works with successful, driven professionals to identify their perfect-fit next career move and build high performance teams through authentic leadership.

Kat has held various leadership roles in Financial Services and has latterly developed her coaching practice over the last 4 years, working with leaders to transform their careers and business results.

If you would like to arrange an introductory call with Kat to discuss how you can work together, and suppot your career ambitions, please register on the website or contact Katie.

Stepping up your leadership in 2021

Welcome to 2021! I hope your new year has started well.

One of my intentions for 2021 is to step up my leadership. 

More specifically, that means:

•    being even more direct with my views, ideas and strategies for change. 
•    creating space for high achieving leaders to admit that despite external success they know they aren’t playing full out and could create a more powerful, fulfilling future vision 
•    fully owning all the parts of what I do - coaching, NLP, mindfulness, neuroscience, cultural change. Bring all of me.

My invitation to you this month is to decide how you want to up your own leadership.

And if you’ve chosen a role with no direct reports, don’t kid yourself that you’re not in a leadership role. With your level of experience, people are watching and following.

Some points to consider:

•    Do you know where you’re heading? Leadership is tough because it requires you to be out in front signposting direction for others. Get centred yourself, then bring others with you
•    How can you lead by example? What behaviour change do you want to see in other people that you could role model yourself? 
•    When you’re in meeting after meeting, be the person who is outcome orientated. Help keep people focussed on the purpose
•    Recognise the contribution of others
•    Coach and provide feedback 
•    Put forward ideas with courage and conviction.

All ways to show leadership. But that’s just to get you thinking. The ask this week is to personalise this - reflect on how you are demonstrating leadership and can upgrade it this year.


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