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E2W coaching partner Elizabeth ONeill: Career Bloopers

E2W coaching partner Elizabeth ONeill: Career Bloopers

Katie.Dix / 04 Mar 2020

About E2W coaching partner Elizabeth ONeill

After nearly 20 years of building and leading technical teams and organisational change, I know that people are the key to success. I've helped people gain a greater understanding of what they want from their career, what's holding them back and how to make positive change, so they move forward.

Coaching with me means we are both 100% focused on you as an individual. My role is to help you learn and rediscover the things you already know. If you would like to chat about what's going on in your life, and how we can work together, E2W members receive a free introductory call with me. Please contact Katie for more information.

Career Bloopers 

One of my favourite things to watch is the bloopers and outtakes of a movie, sometimes they are better than the movie its self.

It may seem strange to laugh at other people’s mistakes, and yet we all do it, and our enjoyment is not usually of malicious intent. We laugh because we can all relate and identify how much part of being human such bloopers are!

When it comes to our careers, we've all made mistakes, bloopers and outtakes. There have been many occasions that I would have loved a retake like an actor gets in a film. When we look back on our career bloopers some of them are funny like movie bloopers, a stupid mistake and we can laugh at ourselves. Others, however, are not funny and still make us cringe when we think about them.

There are outtakes we would have preferred didn't happen, they are the ones that embarrass, humiliate, hurt, or disappoint us and also can stop our hopes and dreams forever.

While, outtakes cannot be prevented (we all have to deal with them), how we handle these outtakes will affect the rest of our lives. There is always a choice in any situation. We can choose to move forward, or choose to cling onto the past and become stuck there.

Some times we cannot choose our circumstances or how others behave, but we do have a choice of how we respond to them. We can succumb or overcome, and our choice will determine our future. When we drive a car our focus is the road ahead; if we spend all our time looking in the rear-view mirror a crash is more or less inevitable!

Are you stuck looking backwards?

If, after reading this, you think you or your team would benefit from more support and guidance, please contact Katie to connect us. 


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