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E2 Passions – Looking good in front of the camera

E2 Passions – Looking good in front of the camera

Katie.Dix / 10 Nov 2020

In our virtual coffee break this week, we heard about a key subject for many businesspeople right now – how to look good in front of the camera on a video call.

Our speaker was Angela Sellar, who has ten years’ experience in TV advertising, working as Head of Makeup on numerous big brand ad campaigns. She told us about her varied career that included a First in Fashion Business Management from London College of Fashion, time at Arcadia as a buyer and an international sales role at a technology firm.

This led up to the point where she decided to make a big change and moved into makeup. Ten years later, at the start of this year, she made a second change to start helping women in business develop a strong, authentic, personal visual identity. Her goal is to help her clients show up with confidence as they want to be seen, connect with their customers and project an image aligned with their values.

Angela then gave us ten top tips for looking good on video calls:

  1. Put your camera at eye height, so you can open your eyes more when you look into it
  2. Make sure you are actually looking into the camera, rather than at the faces of the people you are talking to on the call. This will give the impression you are looking directly at them.
  3. Wear something that represents you, which you are comfortable in and feel good in – and if it stands out a little, that’s even better
  4. Avoid colours that drain your complexion
  5. Avoid patterns that are too loud. You want people to focus on you, not your clothes
  6. Make sure the background doesn’t detract from you. If necessary, move things out of the way before the call
  7. Try to sit with natural light from a window in front of you, so it lights up your face. Use a lamp in this position if you don’t have a window and turn off downlighters if you have them, as their light is very unflattering
  8. Think about putting some colour in your cheeks and lips with makeup
  9. Open a video call before your actual call so you can make sure you are confident in how you look. This will also mean you don’t need to check your appearance during the call
  10. Most importantly, do everything you can to make sure you can be yourself completely in front of camera, as pretence can stand out

We finished with a lively question and answer session packed full of questions and ideas. For information about future virtual coffee breaks, please contact Katie.


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