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Diversity Project, Recruitment Candidate Experience Survey

Diversity Project, Recruitment Candidate Experience Survey

Tina.Freed / 15 Jun 2021

As part of Mark Freed's ongoing work with the Diversity Project, they have jointly put together a survey to collect data on the candidate experience during the hiring process within the Financial Services Industry. We are asking our members to take part in this survey and to share their experiences. 

This research will form part of a wider project to provide an inclusive recruitment toolkit to help companies level their recruitment playing field and increase the size of their potential talent pool, which will be published later this year.

We are looking to capture insights into the reality of the candidate experience and how important diversity and inclusion really is to the hiring process as it stands across the industry. 

We are looking to find out information about your experience during your most recent interview process (whether that was last week or last decade).

The Diversity Project 

Fill out the survey here: and get in touch with Mark Freed directly to share your experience and discuss better recruitment strategies. 

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