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Blackrock closing their gender pay gap – let’s celebrate their achievement.

Blackrock closing their gender pay gap – let’s celebrate their achievement.

Tina.Freed / 18 Feb 2019

We love to celebrate success and are delighted to witness the massive achievements of Blackrock in closing their gender pay gap.

There were more high earning Women working at the world’s largest fund manager in April 2018 than the previous year.  The latest figures reported in Blackrock’s Gender Pay Gap report show that 27% of top quartile earners in the UK were women in April 2018 compared with 25% in the previous year.    

“The UK Gender Pay Gap Regulations give us the opportunity to discuss our progress as well as the challenges we face, and focus our efforts to improve. We have made a long-term commitment to increase the number of women in senior positions at the firm through hiring, retention, promotion, and development initiatives. We embrace the responsibility we have to our employees and to the communities in which we operate. We also recognise the scale of the issue and multi-year commitment required.

Closing the gap requires consistency, persistence, and focus in every decision we make. For BlackRock, this is ultimately about creating more opportunities for women to become leading investors, technologists, and senior executives. In this report we outline some of the initiatives we are undertaking within the company and across our industry. But, simply stated, we need to move faster and do better.”

Rachel Lord Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Blackrock.

Well done Blackrock. 

I really like this article     

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