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A lack of female talent OR  poor recruitment practices?

A lack of female talent OR poor recruitment practices?

Mark.Freed / 15 Jul 2019

I’ve heard a lot of senior bankers recently saying that we will not get more women at the top in financial services by firms recruiting each other’s women. 

When you look at the backgrounds of the people saying this, most of them got to the top by moving from place to place. When they landed a new role, they often had a bit of a clear out to make way for fresh (the old boys club) talent.  

These same people will often be quoted as saying there is a lack of female talent - funny that!

Perhaps they are dismissing recruitment as part of the approach because their recruitment strategies are so poor?

At E2W we know that a significant proportion of our 10,000 strong community of women working at/or towards the top of financial services, are eager to pursue opportunities that further their careers – just like their male predecessors and current colleagues. No more excuses.  

At E2W, we can draw on our membership network, where we are able to introduce highly capable, professional female candidates for roles in our areas of focus. We are committed to bringing gender diversity to the forefront of recruitment strategies and our clients are, too. Our clients recognise that, to achieve this, they need to implement recruitment strategies with a true emphasis on diversity – and are committed to doing so with E2W right behind them.  

We offer a number of solutions:

  • Embedded Diversity Recruitment Team - For high volume clients we place one of our team at our client site. Working alongside our clients recruitment teams we ensure opportunities to meet talented, capable female candidates for every open vacancy are maximised. 
  • Retained Searches - for very senior or niche roles we offer a full search service designed to work alongside traditional search firms. We offer a number of commercial options, all with an element based on a successful placement. Options also include a price per qualified candidate. 
  • Contingent - for mid and senior tier roles we offer clients who have a diversity recruitment strategy commercial terms based solely on success. Our ability to source not just qualified and capable female candidates but make placements is well proven.  
  • Promoted – for associate and VP level roles we offer clients who are committed to diversity the opportunity to have E2W advertise their vacancies via our website and our newsletters.  

Furthermore, we have recently launched ‘Alpha Candidates’ to help close the gap between those senior women looking for work and those looking to recruit them. There is no shortage of great female talent looking for their next senior role in financial services. E2W have an abundance of exceptional women in our community, who ask for our help and support in finding new and exciting challenges.

If you would like to hear anymore about E2W's recruitment solutions, please contact Mark


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