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Kat Hutchings

Kat Hutchings - Working with leaders to transform their careers and business results

Kat works with driven, senior leaders at key transition moments like a career move, change of company direction or promotion, to magnify their unique contribution and impact. Clients create a strategy for change, develop empowering leadership capability and feel fulfilled as they create results in alignment with their personal values.

She believes you have a unique contribution to make, because no one has the same combination of skills, interests and values as you do. It is this one of a kind combination that Kat elicits from leaders and helps you both articulate and embody to create a positive impact in your career and organisation.

Kat leverages her background in financial services leadership roles to bring commercial acumen and strategic thinking and her experience with NLP, neuro-science and mindfulness to help you reconnect with your intuition. This combination helps to spark key moments of insight that allow clients to create fast results in a way that works for them.

Coaching services are typically tailor made and co-created with clients based on the outcome they'd like to create. Kat has provided some example programmes below that may support you - please book an introductory call to discuss what will be the best fit for you. This approach leads to powerful results and is the reason why clients stay in touch for years, regularly re-engaging Kat at pivotal moments or recommending her to peers and friends.

If you’re a change maker and have a live challenge or opportunity you’re working on, Kat would love to hear from you.

Career Insight Programme

This is for people who have a niggle (or a feeling of certainty) that their current role is no longer a good fit. Your intuition is telling you it’s time to explore other options, but you’re unsure what you want your next career move to be.

You could be fatigued or burnt-out in your current role or environment, feeling unfulfilled or undervalued. Or it could be that you have a growing sense that you have untapped potential – you have more to give. The important point is that you’ve noticed it is time for change.

This coaching programme is a mix of coaching and mentoring as Kat supports you through her bespoke 4 step process to:

  • Recentre – breathe, pause and acknowledge where you are, what you’ve learned from your career so far and how to manage your energy through a transition whilst also delivering at work.
  • Reconnect – uncover your personal values (what drives you), your passions & interests and your skills & experience to learn the type of work you want to do next.
  • Realign – use these insights to articulate the criteria for your next role, plan how to engage your network, explain your unique contribution.
  • Rewire – identify any blockers or limiting beliefs that are in your way or preventing you taking steps towards the role you want – clear the way for success.

Kat often recommends this is a 4 month programme (6x 60 minute sessions), but has created both a faster pace and more spacious options for those with different drivers. She is accessible by e-mail and Voxer (voicenotes) between sessions for the duration of your programme to help your progress.

During this programme, Kat is happy to help you review your CV and share edit ideas based on what we learn. She is open to you choosing to use one or more of your coaching sessions to prep for interviews. All sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise stated. You will discuss what you’d like to achieve with Kat and the programme will run in a way that supports you best.

From £2,800.00 inc. VAT

Leadership alignment programme

This is for leaders who are change makers in their organisation. This leader may have:

  • Been given an expanded remit or new role
  • Been asked to create/ implement a new strategy e.g. a people restructure/ change of roles & responsibilities, simplify a product set, launch a new product/ service, implement a change transformation programme or new platform
  • Been newly promoted from a management/ early leadership role to a senior leadership role
  • Decided that they want to create a legacy and upgrade their leadership capability to have even more positive impact on their team, clients and business.

The purpose of the programme is to help leaders reconnect with who they are – their values, their passions and skills, in order to dial up their unique contribution. This is about doing leadership your way, feeling aligned and fulfilled as you do it.

Real leadership (forging a new path ahead) is a lonely place. You’re out front on your own. Clients often choose to work with Kat in these areas:

  • Insight around developing your leadership style – you suspect you’ve accidentally become too ‘corporate’
  • How to delegate more effectively to create capacity to work more in your zone of genius
  • Strategies to shift the culture of your team and boost engagement
  • How to create a vision & mission that your team are excited by
  • Ideas for managing your boss and peers to allow your team to shine for the great impact they create
  • Transitioning teams from performing to out performing
  • Creating fast impact in a new role/ when leading a new initiative.

Kat believes you know the best way to lead your team. She’ll help you elicit this and trust your leadership. You bring the agenda and Kat partners with you to create the changes you want to see in the world.

The programme format is 2 sessions per month – 1x 60 minute call for deeper exploration and 1x 30 minute call for quick insights, renewed focus and action.

This programme can be self-funded by signing up here or your organisation can be invoiced directly.

From £6,500.00 inc. VAT