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Investec is a distinctive international bank and wealth management business with a vibrant UK headquarters in the City of London. Investec puts belonging, inclusion and diversity of thought at the heart of its culture. Its refreshingly human approach means its people have the freedom to operate and be themselves in an entrepreneurial environment.

Investec is committed to attracting a diverse team of people. The company understands that diversity is essential for creating an innovative organisation that is able to adapt and prosper in an ever-changing world.

Investec is proud to be ranked 27th in the world out of 3,206 companies and 4th in the UK (relative to all industries) for progress on gender equality and reporting, according to the 2018 Equileap Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking.

It remains committed to achieving greater female representation in senior leadership and client-facing roles within the organisation. Investec has signed the Women in Finance Charter and at least 30% of senior roles will be filled by females by 2022.

In 2019, Investec appointed its first ever Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity (BID) Lead as part of its strategy to drive greater connectivity throughout the organisation.

 “The business case for diversity is clear. Cognitive diversity drives innovation and creativity, which are critical requirements for increased business performance. However, diversity without inclusion is meaningless, everyone wants to feel seen, heard and valued – it’s a basic human desire and is something that we at Investec continuously pay attention to.”  Zandile Nkhata, belonging, inclusion and diversity lead,

"We all have a responsibility to create an inclusive environment where employees can thrive. Our recruitment team has a number of initiatives in place which are pivotal to ensuring Investec continues to engage talented individuals from different backgrounds, this includes our Return to Work programme launched in 2020. We understand that people need flexibility in their life and are proud to encourage flexible working where possible, balancing the team, client and individual need.” Melanie Punch, Head of Careers

Investec’s internal recruitment team work closely with E2W and other organisations to hire senior female talent.

The company has also launched a Return-to-Work programme which gives talented individuals the opportunity to return to employment after a break of two or more years. As part of this, women receive mentoring and training opportunities and are actively encouraged to progress within the organisation.

All job descriptions are digitally analysed to remove gender-biased language and Investec works closely with senior females to discuss the interview process and continue to improve the experience.

In 2020 the organisation launched a campaign titled ‘I wanted different opportunities’ to allow employees to share their experience of life at Investec with others. The aim was to contrast the stereotypes of working in financial services and encourage candidates from different backgrounds to apply.

Investec invests in upskilling all employees. For the second year, Investec is taking part in the 30% Club mentoring scheme which offers cross-company, cross-sector mentoring to women at every stage of their career. 

In 2019, the organisation launched an in-house women’s coaching programme called Through the Looking Glass. The aim of the programme is to develop high potential leaders and build a pipeline of female talent.

Additionally, Investec has a well-established Gender Balance Network, a forum for sharing knowledge and support. The network is sponsored by the executive leadership team.

The Investec culture stands out within the financial services industry. The flat structure of the organisation encourages honest conversations and enables real relationships to thrive. This allows all individuals – regardless of gender – to show their potential and internal progression is strongly encouraged.

In addition, Investec offers flexible working opportunities to support work/life balance. The organisation also offers comprehensive wellbeing packages including fitness, on-site physiotherapy and psychological support to maintain a positive workplace for all.