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Mental Wellbeing Group with Sonia Minards
20 Jan 2021
18:00pm - 19:15pm

Mental Wellbeing Group with Sonia Minards

From your PC, laptop or phone

Mental Wellbeing Group: To strengthen your emotional and mental wellbeing, and gain resilience in these challenging times

Have the events of 2020 taken their toll on your mental wellbeing?

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed, more anxious than usual, isolated, maybe a bit lost.

2020 has shown us more than ever how important it is to reach out, to talk, to share experiences, and emphasise with others.

Here at E2W we have created a unique mental wellbeing group to support our members during this time. We have partnered with Sonia Minards a psychotherapeutic facilitator to deliver a series of 6 weekly group sessions focused on:

  • Supporting mental wellbeing
  • Building insight to help you better understand and manage your mental health
  • Developing individual and collective resilience

Groups can be an especially powerful and beneficial way to gain support in our lives. We know how much better we feel when we’ve spent time talking, sharing, laughing, or crying with people in our lives who really listen and support us.

We want to give a taste of that within the amazing E2W community.

This group is for any E2W members who would like to bolster their self-care, and to support their own and others mental wellbeing during this period. The group will be facilitated and led by Sonia Minards a qualified Counsellor & Therapist and ex. financial services professional. Sonia will bring her unique skills to help create a space where members can confidentially discuss topics related to mental wellbeing, she will share knowledge and experience from her therapeutic background to help members understand why they may be feeling, acting, and thinking in certain ways, and how to channel this insight to move forwards with renewed capacity, resilience, and inspiration

We ask that you commit to attending the full 6 weeks, this will create an environment of ongoing support within the group. These intimate groups of no more than eight people will provide a confidential and supportive environment for its members.  

About Sonia 

Sonia is a Counsellor & Therapist with over 20 years of experience working as a senior corporate professional in large global financial services organisations. She is keenly aware of the pressures on high performing professionals and the impact these can have on their personal lives, as well as of the multiple challenges faced by companies negotiating growth and change, or seeking to optimise.

Sonia uses this experience to shape her therapeutic approach, working with companies, individuals, and couples to help bring clarity and insight to challenges they face. Guiding them towards new insights, increased awareness of choices, gaining renewed focus, energy and motivation to transform and thrive.

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