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Women want to work here because…..  Women working here succeed because….
11 Dec 2018
10:00hrs - 12:00hrs

Women want to work here because…..  Women working here succeed because….


Attracting the best talent from the widest possible talent pool is a business imperative. At E2W we are responsible for representing our clients employer brand’s to the 10,000 women in our community. Ensuring that we can enhance and build on that brand and communicate a true and compelling employer value proposition, is hugely important to us.   

To attract the best talent, firms need to be positioned as leading employers that are an attractive place for women to pursue their careers. Key to this in the current climate is communicating and celebrating success in your gender diversity story.

Developing a distinct Employee Value Proposition is highly important, and often complex. As is ensuring, in a multi-channel environment , that the messages reach and influence those you want to attract. Making an impact in the new gender equality landscape can be challenging, and may require a re-evaluation of current communications strategy to embrace a more personal and multi-layered approach.

Heads of Recruitment and / or  Employer Brand of E2W clients are invited to join a roundtable event with our guest Sue Carter to explore these questions and discuss the answers.  

If you are not an E2W client and would like to join this roundtable you can do so by paying a delegate fee to help cover our costs. (£500 plus VAT).

About Sue Carter

Sue Carter is a senior PR consultant and the founder of Ashlone Consulting, a strategic communications agency specialising in gender diversity. She works with clients to shape and tell the positive ‘big picture’ story of women in their workplace, and to achieve better impact on initiatives.

Sue’s expertise in gender communications and engaging female audiences comes from working as a journalist in women’s media, as well as years delivering niche communications strategy for a wide range of consumer and corporate clients. She brings a fresh and different perspective to the mix.  


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