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Weekly Virtual Coffee Break – Jane Osborn, image consultant and E2W team member
29 Jul 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Weekly Virtual Coffee Break – Jane Osborn, image consultant and E2W team member

From your PC, laptop or phone every Wednesday.

Have a break from the new normal – come and join us for a weekly virtual coffee. Every Wednesday from 12:00pm - 12:30pm.

As we are all adjusting to the new normal, come and join other members of the E2W community for a virtual chat, meet old and new friends and maintain a strong network. We are welcoming members and non-members to join.

The coffee will be hosted by the E2W team and our amazing coach Nikki Hinksman will be leading and facilitating the conversation.

At this weeks coffee break we welcome Jane Osborn, image consultant and E2W team member, to talk about first impressions in a virtual world and to share her story.

Having spent most of her career in the financial markets working as a dealer for a Japanese bank, as well as sales & broking positions, the importance of first impressions were clear. It became even more important when she started her own recruitment agency and spent a great deal of time showing candidates how to present and sell themselves to potential employers.  

Jane has been an image consultant now for 15 years and has worked with many different organisations. Whether we care to admit it or not we all make snap assessments of other people based on the way they look. Judgement is passed on another person's values, background and capabilities within moments of meeting, even though it is currently virtual, before proper personal contact has been established.

The way in which you present yourself has a direct influence on how others perceive your abilities including your sense of quality, professionalism, creativity and how you value yourself. A poor image is self-defeating. It only succeeds in hiding your true qualities and abilities. Image affects performance. If you look good and dress appropriately to your role and the situation, you get more recognition from others, not just because of your image but because you look the part and exude confidence.

Follow the link below on Wednesday at 12pm to join us.

Meeting ID: 694 319 869

Password: 013524

Please follow the link above from your PC, mobile or computer to join. Please contact Katie, if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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