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E2W Workshop: Supporting Neurodiverse Mental Health  in the Workplace
12 Oct 2021
18:00pm - 19:00pm

E2W Workshop: Supporting Neurodiverse Mental Health in the Workplace

From your PC, laptop or phone Tuesday 12th October at 6PM

E2W Workshops are created to help build our member's knowledge and interests on topics that are relatable to Financial Services. We are pleased to be presenting an informative session around personal development. 

About the session:

Neurodiversity is a new hot topic within the Innovation and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion space. Companies that made an active effort to become inclusive of the 1 in 7 people who have been wired to think differently, such as Microsoft, EY, SAP and JP Morgan, have seen a positive impact on innovation, process improvements, productivity and communication. With support, understanding and acceptance being the single biggest factor that helps neurodiverse people with gaining and retaining employment, the knowledge of neurodiverse mental health is a must for any team and organisations that wants to harness the power of neurodiversity.

At the end of this reflective and interactive workshop, you will: 

  • Be able to describe neurodiversity and name associated conditions
  • Understand the link between neurodivergence and mental health
  • Appreciate the impact of neurodivergence on mental health
  • Feel better equipped to support neurodiverse individuals in the workplace – whether disclosed / discovered or not

About Alicja Nocon

Alicja is the Founder of Expand the Circle and is an experienced Neurodiversity and Wellbeing Trainer, Consultant and Coach. Having received a late diagnosis of the autism spectrum condition and embraced her recently uncovered identity, Alicja is now on a mission to change the perceptions surrounding autism and other neurodiverse conditions. Her unique approach combines real life experience with the latest research into neurodiversity. 

Prior to creating Expand the Circle, Alicja had a diverse career as an actuary in the insurance sector, where she worked for Deloitte, Legal & General and Munich Re for nearly a decade. Alicja is currently completing a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at University of East London, where her research interest focuses on the role of character strengths and humour in supporting the wellbeing of autistic adults.




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