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E2W Round Table with Julia Hoggett, Director, Market Oversight Division, FCA
12 Nov 2019
17:00 - 20:00

E2W Round Table with Julia Hoggett, Director, Market Oversight Division, FCA

Investec, 30, Gresham St, London EC2V 7QP

Recruiting senior managers and leaders is always a challenge. That challenge is magnified when you add the commitment and desire to ensure that your team are diverse.

How are you rising to the challenge? How is you firms Management, HR and Recruitment teams supporting you to meet these objectives? What works and what does not?

We are delighted to invite hiring managers who are able to share their experiences, to join Julia Hoggett - Director, Market Oversight Division at Financial Conduct Authority at an E2W roundtable event.

The event is kindly hosted by Investec at their offices on 12 November from 17:00hrs.


Diversity is being incorporated into regulatory discussions and is a high priority for the FCA, as it is key to driving improved behaviours and culture in financial services. 

Women are particularly under represented at senior levels in financial services.  

One of the key pillars to improving diversity and addressing the underrepresentation of women in senior positions, is to implement active diversity recruitment strategies. They are designed to attract and support female candidates through the recruitment process and reduce the historic biases practices.   

The discussion will focus on the following questions: 

1. How committed are senior management and accountable executives to driving change?

2. Where does diversity sit in the priorities when compared to time and cost of hire?

3. ‘The old boys network’ what is the impact.

4. What data is collected? What is measured and what is it telling us?

5. What are the experiences of candidates?

6. Senior Women returners - How do we support them?

7. Value Propositions – Why should a women work here?

To apply to attend please register using the link above or contact Katie Dix at

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