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E2 Passions - The 3 main career pitfalls for women in male-dominated industries and how to navigate them
10 Mar 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm

E2 Passions - The 3 main career pitfalls for women in male-dominated industries and how to navigate them

From your PC, laptop or phone every Wednesday at 12PM

Come and join other members of the E2W community for a virtual chat, meet old and new friends and maintain a strong network. We are welcoming members and non-members to join.

For this week’s E2 Passions series we welcome our special guest, Bianca Riemer

About the session:

Have you ever felt invisible at work? Did other people take credit for your achievements? Getting interrupted when you try to speak up in a meeting? You're not alone. But even if this happens all the time, there's something you can do about it. Bianca will show you 3 subconscious patterns she sees in her clients all the time, and you will discover tools to navigate them so that you can finally stand out at work, and get promoted and paid without having to sacrifice your heath or relationships.  

About Bianca:

Bianca Riemer is a Women's Leadership Coach and helps professional women get promoted and paid without sacrificing their health or relationships. She worked in financial services for 15 years, where she went from a bad-fail in her final professional accounting exam to being a top-ranked, multi-award winning Equity Analyst at Morgan Stanley. Today, she helps women overcome imposter syndrome, perfectionism and money blocks by transforming their inner critic into an inner advocate via a proven proprietary multi-modality approach including coaching, advanced hypnotherapy and pranic healing. 

Follow the link below on Wednesday 10th March at 12pm to join us. 

https://zoom.us/j/694319869?pwd=Wmc4YlJPeEhsbUtGNHhRMnN4VnZvUT09 Meeting ID: 694 319 869  Password: 013524

Please follow the link above from your PC, mobile or computer to join. Please contact Katie, if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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