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E2 Inspired - Hyacinth Myers Women’s Empowerment Coach/ Mentor and Life Strategist
13 Jan 2021
12:00pm - 13:00pm

E2 Inspired - Hyacinth Myers Women’s Empowerment Coach/ Mentor and Life Strategist

From your PC, laptop or phone every Wednesday at 12:00

Come and join other members of the E2W community for a virtual chat, meet old and new friends and maintain a strong network. We are welcoming members and non-members to join.

For this week’s E2 Inspired series we welcome our special guest, Hyacinth Myers

“We don’t have to be Victims of our Circumstances, we can be Soul Conscious Creators of our Future”

About Hyacinth:

Hyacinth is a forty-eight year old dual heritage mother of two sons.  She is also a graduate and born, grew up and lived most of her life in Hackney, London when not in Plymouth and Birmingham.  She is a Creative woman who still cannot define her title and also Founder/ Managing Director of Soul Conscious Creations Limited offering her Signature Course and Workshops on her EMPOWER 7 Women's Personal Development Programme.  She also uses her Intuitive Coaching skills and Holistic Therapies to help heal past Adversities by empowering women to create their life by design.

Hyacinth is an International Speaker, Award winning Jewellery designer/ maker, Artist, Photographer and Writer celebrating 24 years being published.  Her hobbies include Personal development, Advanced learning and training (over 20 years), spending time with her children,  Reading, Travel, Landscape photography and visiting places of interest.

For 33 years she has been an avid Community worker in various fields including Children and Young people in Adventure Playgrounds and Community centres, Prison visitor, Sexual Health and HIV Prevention leader, Arts ambassador, Campaigner for BLISS the Premature baby charity, Various Charity Committee members and Steering groups.  March 2018 She won the Divas of Colour “Women of Honour” Award for Service to Community.

Too many women hide their story like I did for fear of judgement, blame, embarrassment.  I believed I was broken but have come to realise my story helps inspire others and motivates them to reach for their dreams regardless.  My vision is to Empower thousands of women to heal and in turn they will Empower others as a mass global movement.

You can purchase Hyacinth's book '7 Steps to overcoming adversity and transforming your life' here.

Further info at

Follow the link below on Wednesday 13th January at 12pm to join us. Meeting ID: 694 319 869  Password: 013524

Please follow the link above from your PC, mobile or computer to join. Please contact Katie, if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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