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E2 Inspired - Dr Jill Armstrong - Accidental Sexism and What to Do About It
09 Dec 2020
12:00pm - 13:00pm

E2 Inspired - Dr Jill Armstrong - Accidental Sexism and What to Do About It

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For this week’s E2 Inspired series we welcome our special guest, Dr Jill Armstrong.   

The aim of the session is to debate three questions:

  1. Why it’s important for men to partner women in building a more gender inclusive workplace culture
  2. How to motivate men to get actively involved as allies for inclusion for the benefit of all
  3. What do we want men to do?

Dr Jill Armstrong writes, speaks, lectures and consults on inclusion.

For the last five years, Jill has been a Bye-Fellow at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge leading the ‘Collaborating with Men’ research programme. This combined workshops with a large scale, cross-sector, gender-balanced survey into the impact of gender bias on equality of opportunity in career advancement. Her reports on engaging men and highlighting ways of building more inclusive workplace cultures are available on the Murray Edwards College website.

She is now co-authoring a book with two leading male allies called The Accidental Sexist – Ideas and actions to engage men in improving gender equality in the workplace.

Jill’s previous book - Like Mother, Like Daughter?: How career women influence their daughters’ ambition - was published in 2017. Academic research is the latest act in Jill’s career. Previously she was a founding Director of two successful commercial market research and insight companies.

Follow the link below on Wednesday 9th December at 12pm to join us. Meeting ID: 694 319 869  Password: 013524

Please follow the link above from your PC, mobile or computer to join. Please contact Katie, if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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