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E2 Healthier - Ola Molade - The interplay between stress and food
23 Jun 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm

E2 Healthier - Ola Molade - The interplay between stress and food

From your PC, laptop or phone

From your PC, laptop or phone every Wednesday at 12:00pm

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For this week’s E2 Healthier series we welcome our special guest, Ola Molade.

About Ola

Ola is a Wellness & Success coach working with busy professionals who would like to continue to excel in their professional and personal lives, whilst thriving from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective.

Ola’s background includes over 25 years’ experience working in financial services running multi-million £ change programmes; running her own business; and, bringing up 2 children. Ola is also a qualified nutritionist as well as a life coach.

Ola came to coaching having had first-hand experience of how coaching can open up new possibilities and opportunities, which allowed her to resolve situations that had seemed completely impossible. The transformational effects coaching had on her life led her to explore coaching further and become an accredited coach herself.

Ola believes that everything is connected.

All the inputs that come into our lives – the messages we hear, the beliefs we embrace, the foods we eat, and so on – all impact on how we experience life…

Ola works with her clients to illuminate how much choice they have over the inputs they are accepting in their lives so these choices can be utilised to create a different/enhanced experience.

The interplay between stress and food

Have you ever felt an intense craving to eat something your rational mind is telling you is not good for you?

Do you notice a difference in your food choices/preferences on days when work is extremely intense versus when you are totally relaxed – perhaps on holiday?

Our state of mind can impact our food choices. In the same vein, our foods can impact our state of mind.

Ola will share some insights around how food can improve performance / productivity and how to start making changes if this is something that affects you.

Follow the link below on Wednesday 23rd June at 12pm to join us. Meeting ID: 694 319 869  Password: 013524

Please follow the link above from your PC, mobile or computer to join. Please contact Katie, if you would like to discuss in more detail.



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