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Alpha Challengers – Sharing the Knowledge Episode 1: Ethical Investing
11 Jun 2020
18:00pm - 19:00pm

Alpha Challengers – Sharing the Knowledge Episode 1: Ethical Investing

From your PC, laptop or phone - Via ZOOM

Alpha Challengers – Sharing the Knowledge   

Episode 1: Ethical Investing

Thursday 11th June at 6:00PM over ZOOM

Join the event by following this link at the event start time:

Meeting ID: 839 5994 6602  Password: 838658

Organised by Molly PetkenIva Horčicová and Mark Freed.

Alpha Challengers are excited to launch the Sharing the Knowledge Series with an event designed to help you understand Responsible Investing and ESG.

Responsible Investment is an approach to managing assets, that sees investors include environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in: their decisions about what to invest in and the role they play as owners and creditors.

Examples of ESG issues:

  • Environmental: Climate change, resource depletion, waste, pollution, deforestation
  • Social: Human rights, modern slavery, child labour, working conditions, employee relations
  • Governance: Bribery and corruption, executive pay, board and firm diversity, political lobbying, tax strategy

We are delighted to welcome the following guest speakers:

 Leonie Schreve, Global Head Sustainable Finance at ING
Leonie is Global Head of Sustainable Finance at ING and leads the commercial efforts on the sustainability side. Sustainable Finance drives sustainable transitions of ING’s Wholesale banking clients base through innovative green finance structures like green bonds and lending, sustainable improvement products, equity, innovation finance for scale-ups and sustainable advisory. This supports large corporates, financia linstitutions, but also smaller innovative companies to transition to tomorrow’s economy and align with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Helen Avery Social and Environmental Finance Editor at Euromoney Magazine
Helen is the sustainable finance editor for Euromoney Magazine heading up global coverage of social and environmental finance, impact investing, conservation finance, inclusive finance and inclusion and corporate responsibility - areas she has covered since 2011. She also runs Euromoney's coverage of global wealth management and philanthropy.

Olivia Gull, Governance & Responsible Investment Analyst at Janus Henderson Investors 
Olivia is a responsible investment analyst at Janus Henderson Investors. She works with investment teams across Europe, US and Asia, helping them integrate Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) analysis into their investment decision-making. By incorporating these factors into company analysis, investment teams can identify potential investment opportunities and risks, influence positive change when engaging with companies, and protect and enhance value for clients.  

Our host for this event is Molly Petken - Member of the E2W Alpha Challengers Advisory Board

Molly joined Fidelity International (FIL) London office in August 2013. Molly is currently an Associate Director and member of the Global Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) function. The SRM Team works with the world’s largest financial institutions and technology companies to optimise Fidelity’s investment management performance and operational efficiency. Molly plays an integral role in targeting strategic counterparties, mapping the enterprise opportunities and maintaining relationships that promote counterparty best practices.

About Alpha Challengers:

Alpha Challengers are a sub-group of E2W members who embarked on their financial services careers about 5-10 years ago have started to climb the ladder of success and are ambitious and want to reach the top. They work together in a network of peers to help and support each other in areas such as personal development & industry knowledge. They are champions of diversity and will become tomorrow’s leaders.

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