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Alpha Challengers – Championing Diversity Episode 1: Diversity After Lockdown?
04 Jun 2020
18:00pm - 19:00pm

Alpha Challengers – Championing Diversity Episode 1: Diversity After Lockdown?

From your PC, laptop or phone - Via ZOOM

Alpha Challengers – Championing Diversity

Episode 1: Diversity After Lockdown?

Thursday 4th June at 6:00PM over ZOOM 

Follow the link to join the meeting 
Meeting ID: 839 0893 7520 
Password: 666369

Hosted and Organised by Sara PistilliGeorgina Toft and Mark Freed.

Alpha Challengers are excited to launch the Championing Diversity Series with a topical discussion on Diversity After Lockdown?

Our agenda is an important one to all who care about our future and the future of the industry. After years of sometimes painfully slow erosion of myths surrounding people’s ability to work from home, we now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to define a new, new normal, that takes the whole organisation with us. 

An efficient, lower cost, effective and compliant way of working that is inclusive and more adept at embracing diversity.

Firms that take the initiative, adapt, and define a new, new normal will be able to retain and attract the best and more diverse talent. Firms embracing the new, new normal will be a more attractive place for Millennials, Generation X and Women leading to more diverse teams.

When the lockdown is over let’s not rush back to the old – let’s make a new, new normal.

Discussion Points:

  1. Is this the biggest opportunity for change in our lifetimes?
  2. What are you and your colleagues finding enjoyable and rewarding about your current working environment??
  3. What challenges are you and your colleagues facing?
  4. Have any myths been busted?
  5. Is there a  business case for change?

We are delighted to welcome the following guest speaker:

Jayne Styles. Jayne has a wealth of financial services experience.  From 2002 until 2019 she headed up MS Amlin’s investment business, where, as CEO and CIO, she directed: strategy, governance and operations for their award winning, global multi-asset, multi-manager portfolios.  The team she built from scratch reflected her belief in the importance of all aspects of diversity and the benefits of inclusive leadership.  She was also a member of their Group ExCo, as well as a non-executive director for the FTSE50 investment management services company Hargreaves Lansdown plc.


About Alpha Challengers:

Alpha Challengers are a sub-group of E2W members who embarked on their financial services careers about 5-10 years ago have started to climb the ladder of success and are ambitious and want to reach the top. They work together in a network of peers to help and support each other in areas such as personal development & industry knowledge. They are champions of diversity and will become tomorrow’s leaders.

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