Diversity Benchmarking


Is your bank working for women?

For two decades, E2W has been supporting and helping women to progress, continue and return to their financial services careers.  We have watched the industry progress on its diversity and inclusion journey. We have seen, supported and developed best practice, and helped and encouraged  financial institutions to recognise the benefits associated with a diverse workforce. 

Now, established as the go-to place for women in financial services, financial institutions are turning to E2W for support. These firms are committed to making progress towards gender equality within the workplace, and have chosen E2W to help get them there. 

We have developed a benchmarking survey to enable us to help financial institutions to holistically measure and understand their gender diversity position against best practice, enabling us to help firms to utilise the knowledge and experience that we have spent years building. 

With the results from your firm’s benchmarking survey, we’ll provide you with a feedback indicating where the business is now, where it wants to be, and suggestions on how to get there.

If you’re really committed, we’ll even act as consultants providing in-depth benchmarking feedback and constant support and suggestions to get your firm at the forefront of the gender diversity conversation, meeting targets, and publicised as one of E2W’s Top Employers. We celebrate firms that work for women, promoting them, pushing them and helping them to achieve their goals.

To ensure that firms who we work with as a recruitment partner are ‘working for women’ we ask them to complete the survey and we ensure that they are committed to the journey. 

All data collected is kept in the strictest of confidence. Where data is shared publicly and with other clients it is in a complete anonymized format.     

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