Management Team

Charlie Fox


Giving hundreds of talented people the opportunity to continue their careers at a time in their lives when they have other priorities to juggle was the building block of E2W’s Business.  For almost two decades city institutions have relied on these E2W talented ‘continuers’ to deliver projects and business as usual processes – cost effectively and professionally.  It is perhaps one of the most overlooked scalable talent pools in the sector.     

These are the main reasons that I am delighted to be stepping up and taking responsibility for the E2W outsourcing services.  Not only ensuring we keep delivering on existing projects but also looking to expand our services and client base.  

As well as looking after our existing clients I want more firms in the industry to know about the benefits of outsourcing to E2W. Apart from keeping talented resource in the industry by enabling them to continue their careers, I will be ensuring that more people know about the cost, scalability, knowledge and many other benefits of outsourcing projects and business as usual to E2W. 

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