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Multiple studies show that companies that truly embrace diversity and inclusion are more profitable, have greater innovation and deliver a better customer experience. They have a more engaged and motivated workforce.

But, with too few (white) men involved in D&I initiatives the pace of change is frustratingly slow. Why don’t they get involved?

  • Relevance: Some don’t see a problem; others see a problem with representation (diversity) but don’t appreciate the greater challenges to career progress experienced by many of their colleagues (inclusion).
  • Motivation: Some don’t think there is enough in it for them to spend time and effort getting involved; even when they agree that it is important, they don’t always know how they can help.
  • Reticence: Even if they are supportive, they can be concerned that they may be criticised for speaking out in the wrong way; or concerned that speaking out will damage their career progress.

Our expert team have developed a series of tailorable  keynote presentations, workshops and programmes that help to ‘get men on board, involved, supporting and leading the way. Download our Corporate Services Pack here or click on the image below: 

We deliver a fundamental shift in culture.  Workshops and discussion helps ensure everyone in your organisation feels part of the solutions you are developing.  It will enable your whole workforce to embrace that change.

What are the take aways:

  • Ensures men (especially those who are managers) better understand challenges faced by female colleagues of all ethnicities
  • Helps develop men as leaders by comprehending the business importance of diverse teams and how to enable great performance for all their team
  • Enables men and women to co-create the environment that they want to work in
  • Identifies opportunities across hiring, career management, team building, promotion and compensation to change the way things are done


The men in your Male Ally Groups already know and understand the benefits to them of being agents of change:  

  • Improved Emotional Intelligence
  • Better leadership skills producing improved outcomes
  • Enhanced personal relationships
  • Better personal resilience
  • More fun and less needing to live up to stereo types.

In short more opportunity, more choice and a happier life.

Men for Inclusion are bringing together individual men who already understand the benefits of diversity and want to accelerate towards a more inclusive world and workplace. Together we can learn and co-operate with each other through our events and workshops. Together we can be agents of change supporting our under represented colleagues, and doing so help accelerate progress.

Join our community, we are just getting started but already you can:

  • Join in on our monthly events and workshops
  • Collaborate with other members in our exclusive WhatsApp and LinkedIn Groups
  • Wear the Men for Inclusion Badge (Linkedin in profile)
  • Get our expert help and advice


We offer corporate discounts to male ally groups: for 5-10 Men £50 each(plus VAT),  For 11-50 Men £40 each plus VAT.

Contact for more details.