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The business case is clear. Multiple studies show that companies that truly embrace diversity are more profitable, more innovative and creative, deliver better customer experience and weather tough times better Diverse companies also have a more engaged and motivated workforce.

If you are a man reading this you may already know the benefits inclusion and the breakdown of gender stereotypes bring to you.

  • Improved health and well-being
  • Easier access to parental leave and flexible working
  • Freedom to speak up- even when you disagree with the majority
  • Better respected
  • Credited and appreciated for your contribution

Men for Inclusion are bringing together men who already understand the benefits of diversity and want to accelerate towards a more inclusive world and workplace.  Together we can learn and co-operate with each other through our events and workshops. Together we can be agents of change supporting our colleagues who face greater challenges due to being members of under represented groups. 

Join our community, we are just getting started but already you can:

  • Join in on our monthly events and workshops
  • Collaborate with other members in our exclusive E2W and Men for Inclusion members platform
  • Wear the Men for Inclusion Badge (LinkedIn profile)
  • Get our expert help and advice.

Details about Men for Inclusions Corporate Services can be found here.  

Individual Membership is £75.00 per year Inc VAT.  

We offer corporate discounts to male ally groups: for 5-10 Men £50 each (plus VAT), for 11-50 Men £40 each plus VAT.

Contact for more details.


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or call: +44 20 8078 2093

Membership provides

Our exclusive members round tables, held four times a year, are a safe and confidential place for you to share and learn from our leadership team and other members on how to become a better ally. How to embrace inclusion and help others feel a sense of belonging. 

We seek out and help define best practice and share it with members via curated articles and books which evidence the barriers and opportunities for action on diversity and inclusion and how male allies can help accelerate progress. 

Through our events and membership platform we give members the opportunity to network and collaborate, seek help and advice from likeminded peers. 

What about men?

What about men?

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I was suffering from a cold and a bad knee at the weekend. Which meant I had time to fulfil a promise I had made a very good friend to read, feminist author and columnist, Caitlin Moran’s book, What About Men? Lots of great takeaways and ideas in...

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