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An Introduction to Responsible Investing
02 Dec 2019
5.30 - 7.30pm

An Introduction to Responsible Investing

Man Group, Riverbank House, 2 Swan Ln, London EC4R 3AD

We are delighted to be hosting an evening event to inform members about and discuss the important topic to us all of Responsible Investing.

Responsible Investment is an approach to managing assets, that sees investors include environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in: their decisions about what to invest in and the role they play as owners and creditors.

This event is kindly hosted by Man Group. 

Examples of ESG issues


Climate change, resource depletion, waste, pollution, deforestation.


Human rights, modern slavery, child labour, working conditions, employee relations


Bribery and corruption, executive pay, board and firm diversity, political lobbying, tax strategy

Pooja Fricke, Responsible Investment Strategist from Man Group, will present an overview of the firms approach to and framework for responsible investing and discuss why it is so important.

Elena Vydrine, Head of Portfolio Management and ESG Integration from Ryedale, will then take us into a deeper look at Human Capital.   

Plenty of time will be allowed for Q&A and networking. Please follow the simple registration process to reserve your space at this event. For any further information please contact Katie.

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