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What’s in it for men?

What’s in it for men?

Mark.Freed / 25 May 2021

Diversity and Inclusion: What’s in it for men?

In the lead up to our next Inclusionist Interaction session on the 1st June I have been giving some thought into the sessions topic, 'What's in it for Men?'.  Share your thoughts and hear those of others by joining us for the conversation. Details and registration  

I believe that becoming an ally for inclusion carries a number of benefits for men. Here are a few:

  • It will improve your emotional intelligence: Trying to understand how someone might think differently to you and then how you can improve their experience will help develop you as a coach and a leader.
  • You will build better teams who will build better products and services: Improving the balance of your team by increasing diversity will increase both your own and your team’s learning potential. The more diverse thinking that goes into the development of a product or service you provide, the more attractive it will be to a wider audience, bringing in more customers, more revenue and more rewards.
  • You will be better at your job: Embracing a different worldview can help you become a more effective manager. Even if you’re not in a management position and don’t consider yourself to be a leader, this can still help you in your career by enabling you to deal with people in a far more effective way.
  • It will enhance your personal relationships: As you get better at having more open and equal conversations with other employees, you will build better relationships with them. It will also enhance the relationships you have with those around you outside of work – your partner, your children and your friends.
  • It can increase your personal resilience: Being an ally will enable you to build a support network with people both inside and outside of work who will be supportive when times are tough.
  • It can smash the ‘man box’: Challenging gender expectations helps men to be more involved with their family lives, to live a fuller life outside of work and helps relieve the mental and physical toll of being expected to be the bread-winner, to be ambitious and put work first.
  • You get to have more fun: Finally, it gives you an opportunity to have a lot more fun in the workplace. We’ve been to many great events with a diversity and inclusion theme, it makes everyone feel good and you come away energised and motivated.

What are yours? 



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