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Inclusionist Interactions:  Diversity and Inclusion: What is in it for me?

Inclusionist Interactions:  Diversity and Inclusion: What is in it for me?

Mark.Freed / 02 Jun 2021

On Tuesday 1st June, Men for Inclusion hosted another Inclusionist Interactions session: Diversity and Inclusion: What is in it for me?

Too often we are asked to become allies to support minority groups as privileged white men.  Being asked on that basis does not resonate with a lot of men who remain inactive and passive, slowing the journey to a more inclusive world, society and business.

We asked so what is in it for men? Why should they get involved and accelerate progress.  The answers were simple and compelling and could simply be grouped under four categories Career, Health and Wellbeing, Opportunity and Choice, Responsibility.

  • Career: You will be better at your job: Embracing a different worldview can help you become a more effective manager. Even if you’re not in a management position and don’t consider yourself to be a leader, this can still help you in your career by enabling you to deal with people in a far more effective way.
  • Health and Wellbeing: In more gender equal countries men say they are more satisfied with life, and the data shows they sleep better, are half as likely to be depressed, less likely to commit suicide, suffer less from chronic back pain. One study shows that men with feminist partners and women with partners who support feminism have better sex!
  • Opportunity and Choice: We are no longer constrained by societal normal we can be who like, who we are and who we want to be. We have the opportunity to choose our careers and any antiquated barriers have been removed.
  • Responsibility: Women and other minority groups have campaigned and fought for this progress over centuries. It is about time we white, heterosexual, men supported.  

 The following is a recording of the session:-


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