E2W enables financial institutions to collect the Gender Dividend (the economic benefit of investing in women).

We do this by giving our financial services clients access, via one of our solutions, to our exceptionally talented Membership of skilled women. Our clients achieve better and more cost-effective outcomes as a result.

E2W provides:

  • Talent Solutions  for permanent and contract recruitment
  • On and off client site Project and Business Process Outsourcing Solutions
  • Sales and Research support for Financial Institutions and Fintech Firms

E2W’s unique business model harnesses our members' experience, knowledge, skills and passion for the industry. Our members have long and established financial markets careers.

We do this because it makes good business sense for you and us. It helps an industry struggling to collect the Gender Dividend, delivers better outcomes to our clients, and positively changes the lives of our members.

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Insanity “doing the same over and over again and expecting different results”.

Insanity “doing the same over and over again and expecting different results”.

Mark Freed / 02 Apr 2017

Firms have publically committed to gender equality pledges, set targets, and promised improvement in hiring and promoting women, but unless recruitment practices undergo some change very little progress will be made. So, how can we increase recruitment of women into mid and senior tier roles in our leading banks?  ...

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